Today we are proud to present our final collection of Ringwood’s VE Day Heroes – The local men & women who contributed towards the Allied Victory in Europe 75 years ago. The stories that we’ve heard, whether from combat or the home front, have been awe inspiring, whether its the local man who was there to help liberate the Belsen Concentration Camp and never talked of what he saw, the gentleman who helped to plan the Dambusters raids (unbeknownst to his family after the war) or the local family who ran the Post Office & sent their 3 son’s off to war,

We’ve also pulled the images, along with some of the stories together into a short film, which we’ve uploaded onto our YouTube Channel here

Above all, we’d like to take the opportunity to thank all of the family members & friends who sent in photo’s & stories of their family heroes, and to raise a toast to Ringwood’s VE Day Heroes!

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