Can’t find the answer that you’re looking for? Unsure when we’ll be coming near, or how you can help? Not sure what to buy for FoodBank? Have a look through our Frequently Asked Questions below, and hopefully someone else has already asked the question for us to answer! Still can’t find what you need? Please feel free to get in touch, either via email or on Social Media!

The great news is that we’ll be escorting Santa Claus around the streets in various towns & villages around the area, including Ringwood, Verwood & Bransgore (amongst others!), starting on Wednesday 6th December in Burley & Bransgore.  Head on over to our Sleigh Routes page to find out when Santa Claus will be coming near you!

Given that all of our volunteers have day jobs, we will normally set off on the route from around 6pm, and aim to be finished  by around 8pm to ensure that you don’t have to keep little ones up too late to see Santa.  Its always difficult to be able to be accurate about when we’ll be coming down a given road, but we always share a Live Tracker link on our Facebook & Instagram pages when we set off, so you’ll be able to see when we’re near (And you’ll hear us coming too!)

Every year, volunteers from Ringwood & District Round Table escort Santa Claus around local towns & villages to spread a bit of Christmas Cheer, but also to raise money for local charities & good causes, and this year is no exception!.  Since we started doing our annual Sleigh Tour in 2020, through the generosity of local people we’ve been able to raise over £6,000 to support worthy causes.  We also take the opportunity to support local FoodBanks with a mobile collection drive at the same time, which has allowed us to drop off over 3 tonnes of much needed food & toiletries to support the homeless & families in crisis.

Of course you can!  While we’d much rather see as many people on the streets to wave, cheer & smile as we pass, we fully appreciate that life is busy & not everyone can come out to see us.  That’s why we’ve also launched an online donations page to allow people to still support the event from afar!

FoodBanks up & down the country.are in desperate need of support, which is one of the reasons that we’ve partnered with the amazing people at Hope for Food for the last 2 years.  They are of course always grateful for any donations that they receive, but naturally there are items that they are more in need of than others.  This is why we’ve added a list of the items that they’re particularly calling out for on our FoodBank page, so if you’re not sure what to get, please head on over and put a couple of those items on your shopping list this week!

We’re definitely not Rotary!  

Ringwood Round Table is a community group & charity made up local guys aged between 18 & 45 who want to make a difference in our local community.  We re-formed in 2019 with the express aim of doing more & making things better, and what could do that more than escorting Santa Claus around to see any many people as possible!  We don’t just do that though – We organise local events such as The British Pedal Car Grand Prix, run bars at events such as Ringwood Grand Fireworks & Winter Wonderland, and also get out & do other things such as Escape Rooms, Clay Pigeon Shooting & embarrassing ourselves at New Forest Water Park.  If you’re a local guy that would like to find out more, or if there is a man in your household that you think would be interested, get in touch via email or on our social media!