Ringwood & Verwood Round Table started life as Ringwood & District Round Table, which originally formed back in 1959 as a way of young men from Ringwood & the surrounding villages to put something back into the local community, make new friends & do new things. Over the following 47 years, the members of our Table proceeded to found the British Pedal Car Grand Prix in Ringwood, host charity events & make friendships which endure to this day. Some of our current members grew up in Table households, which their parents involved in Round Table or Ladies Circle (or both). Unfortunately, 2006 saw Ringwood & District Round Table disband & cease to be a force for good in the local area, as its remaining members reached the age that they need to leave Round Table & move on to 41-Club without having younger members to take over the reigns.

When we re-formed in the spring of 2020, we did so mindful of what has gone before, and how successful Round Table was in Ringwood. We also felt it was important to acknowledge our proud history in the community. Below is a Gallery of photo’s from our history, and a list of our past Chairmen who led our table through its 47 years of doing more.

The British Pedal Car Grand Prix

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The first British Pedal Car Grand Prix was founded by Ringwood & District Round Table after the roaring success of our "Prison Break" event, raising money for BBC Children in Need. The event is still held to this day, and is again being run & organised by Round Table members

Our Past Chairmen

All of our previous Chairmen have sculpted & guided our Table to the present day. Some of the names on the list will be known to many for the contribution that they made to the local area through their good deeds, both as part of Round Table & outside of the organisation, while others will be remembered fondly by past members of the Table for the good times & good deeds done.

1959-60 Jimmy Gordon 1984-85 Jeff Wickens
1960-61 Trevor Davis 1985-86 Andrew Johnson
1961-62 Peter Browne 1986-87 Graham Hoyle
1962-63 J.E. Chilvers 1987-88 Chris Kean
1963-64 Brian Peck 1988-89 Tony Brunt
1964-65 David Cockram 1989-90 John Clough
1965-66 Pat Cross 1990-91 Barry Scaife
1966-67 L.A Young 1991-92 Colin Williams
1967-68 A.E. Baker 1992-93 M.L. Carrington
1968-69 Raymond Brown 1993-94 Mike West
1969-70 William Field 1994-95 Peter Godwin
1970-71 David Phelps 1995-96 Steve Morris
1971-72 John Smith 1996-97 Steve Fowler
1972-73 Roger Bettle 1997-98 David Meany
1973-74 Bryan Taylor 1998-99 Dave Prevett
1974-75 Melvyn Heseltine 1999-00 Neil Barber
1975-76 Gerald Downer 2000-01 Nick Fernyhough
1976-77 Gerald Ridge 2001-02 Greg Fanos
1977-78 Colin Read 2002-03 David Meany
1978-79 John Salsbury 2003-04 Peter Greenfield
1979-80 Roger Russell 2004-05 James Stride
1980-81 David Darts 2005-06 Steve Turner
1981-82 Tony Scrivener    
1982-83 John Kennedy    
1983-84 Geoff Bevans