We at the Ringwood & District Round Table are thrilled to announce our latest community initiative in support of local wildlife conservation. Understanding the importance of biodiversity and the role of each creature in our ecosystem, we’ve taken a step forward to aid our spiky friends, the hedgehogs.

A Helping Hand for Hedgehogs

In a collaborative effort with Greening Ringwood, we’ve donated £150 towards the purchase of 50 hedgehog tunnels. These tunnels are not just passageways; they’re lifelines for hedgehogs, providing safe routes between gardens and green spaces, away from the dangers of roads and predators.

Why Hedgehog Tunnels?

Hedgehog numbers have been declining, and one of the reasons is the loss of their natural habitat and the barriers created by human structures. By installing these tunnels, we’re helping to reconnect fragmented landscapes, allowing hedgehogs to roam freely and safely in search of food, shelter, and mates.

Community Spirit in Action

This donation reflects our commitment to the environment and the well-being of all community members, big and small. It’s a testament to the power of collective action and the difference we can make when we come together for a common cause.

Join Us in Our Greening Efforts

We invite the residents of Ringwood to join us in this green initiative. Let’s work together to make our town a haven for wildlife and a beacon of community-driven conservation efforts.

Together, we can create a better future for our local wildlife. Let’s make Ringwood a place where hedgehogs can thrive once again!

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