In a race against time, Ringwood & District Round Table has stepped up to support 26-year-old Max Cogdell, who faces the daunting prospect of losing his eyesight without urgent surgical intervention.

Max, a Ringwood local, received a devastating diagnosis earlier this month, revealing astigmatism and cataracts in both eyes at a severity that threatens irreversible blindness within the next few months. While the NHS covers the surgery for cataracts, addressing the astigmatism requires private medical attention. It’s this aspect of his condition that poses the immediate threat to Max’s vision.

With the clock ticking, Max urgently needs to raise approximately £5000 to undergo the necessary surgery for his astigmatism. Time is of the essence as Max must address this issue before proceeding with cataract treatment. The community is rallying behind Max in his quest to secure the funds needed for his critical surgery.

Ringwood & District Round Table, known for its charitable endeavors and community support initiatives, has taken up the cause to ensure Max receives the assistance he urgently requires. By leveraging its network and resources, the Round Table aims to raise awareness and funds to aid Max in his fight against blindness.

The Round Table’s involvement underscores the power of community solidarity and collective action in times of need. Members are mobilising efforts to organise fundraising events working with local businesses & groups to boost support for Max’s cause.

Max’s plight has struck a chord within Ringwood, prompting an outpouring of compassion and generosity from residents and local businesses alike. From small acts of kindness to significant contributions, the community is rallying together to offer Max hope and assistance in his time of need.

In a statement, Max expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support he has received from Ringwood & District Round Table and the wider community. “I’m deeply touched by the kindness and generosity shown to me during this challenging time. With the support of the Round Table and our community, I’m hopeful that I can overcome this obstacle and preserve my eyesight,” he remarked.

As the fundraising efforts gain momentum, Ringwood residents are encouraged to join the cause and contribute to Max’s surgery fund. Every donation, no matter how small, brings Max one step closer to securing the treatment he desperately needs to avoid vision loss.

To support Max Cogdell in his battle against blindness and contribute to his surgery fund, donations can be made through our People’s Fundraising Donation Page!.

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